Safe and Caring Environment

Located in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an area known for its crime and struggling school system, Academia Timoteo is in the heart of a changing neighborhood that was once known by locals as the “Bad Lands” and “No-Man’s Land.” Shootings, robberies and abuse were common occurrences in one of the poorest zip codes in the city. Many of the area children live in broken homes, face poverty, and some of them have at least one incarcerated parent. This area is changing in part due to the influence of Academia Timoteo’s over 50 years of sharing the gospel and providing quality Christian education.

Attracting mainly African-American and Hispanic pupils,
Academia Timoteo draws a number of its students from the surrounding neighborhoods. In the midst of this troubled environment, the school serves as an oasis for children, many of whom grow up facing complex life issues on a daily basis. They study and learn alongside of students from more stable backgrounds, benefiting from the same excellent instruction and opportunities to grow and flourish.

Academia Timoteo provides a safe and caring environment where students learn, grow and achieve. The school meets short-term and long-term needs in the lives of children by providing a secure educational experience and moral instruction to help them turn the tide of societal expectations.

Caring families appreciate the academic alternative that
Academia Timoteo offers to the local school system. They value the spiritual and moral foundation that Academia Timoteo provides. They are thankful for teachers who invest in the future of their youth.


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