Additional projects

Here is a snapshot of a few of our projects and the estimated cost to complete and/or fund the initiative:

  1. Painting of exterior— $25,000.00-$40,000.00

  2. Improving Visibility of Building (Visible sign)— $5,000.00-$10,000.00

  3. Installation of Playground—$50,000.00

  4. New Computers and System Protection— $20,000.00

  5. Multipurpose Center*

*Academia Timoteo is carefully exploring the multipurpose idea as it anticipates the needs of the organization and the community in which it serves. The multipurpose center will include a gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria and chapel. This will also serve as a community resource for Christian agencies and non-profits within the North Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  Please note a cost for completion has not been ascertained.


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