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Admissions Policy
The following admission policies have been adopted to assure consistent standards of admission.
  1. The parents must state, in writing, their relationship to Jesus Christ and comment on their church attendance.
  2. The parents must read the Statement of Faith and be willing to have their child trained in accordance with it.
  3. The parents must agree, in writing, that: The school has full discretion in the discipline of their children within the bounds of the discipline policy the school has full discretion for the grade placement of their children they will meet all tuition and other financial obligations they will willingly support the school in prayer.
  4. At least one parent/guardian, along with the child must be interviewed by the administration.
  5. All prospective students applying for grades first through eighth will be given an entrance test to determine if the educational requirements of the school are met.
  6. Students will be accepted in the order of date of receipt of application and registration fee.
  7. Applicants will be notified by phone concerning acceptance or rejection.
  8. Timothy Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnic background in any of its hiring practices, student enrollment procedures, financial aid or extracurricular activities.
Admissions Procedures
The procedure for a student to be admitted is as follows:
  1. A completed application and appropriate fees must be submitted to the office.
  2. Call the school office to coordinate testing.
  3. At least one parent and the student must be interviewed by administrator.
  4. Registration forms must be completed along with the following items (the Registration Fee must be paid to hold a seat for your child.):

a. Student’s birth certificate
b. Student’s Health Assessment
c. Student’s current Immunization
d. Student’s most recent report card

If all steps are successfully completed, the student is accepted into the school if space is available in his/her class. If space is not available, the student will be placed on a waiting list. Admission is provisional until all previous school academic records and medical records have been transferred.


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