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As the school moves forward into the 21st century, Timothy recognizes that advanced literacy skills and computer proficiency are more critical than ever before for one to succeed in higher levels of education and/or a career.  As such, Timothy regularly seeks to enhance student learning through books and computers.  Given limited funds, however, Timothy’s current library and technology resources are few, outdated and largely volunteer-driven, thereby offering students only limited opportunities for literacy development and critical computer-based learning.  As a response, Timothy has launched its “Hope and Future” campaign, a three-year effort aimed at raising the necessary funds to develop and implement a new Library and Computer Learning Center for School Year 2012, with updated materials and curricula.  Specific activities and resources to be funded through the “Hope and Future” campaign will include:

  • Library physical expansion, furniture, shelving, books and periodicals, and computer referencing.

  • Computer hardware upgrades for the lab and classrooms, and school-wide networking capability.

  • Purchase of software licenses and supplemental computer curricula for grades K-8.

  • Salaries for a full-time staff Librarian and Computer Lab teacher.

The three-year projected cost for the new Library and Computer Learning Center’s renovation, fit-out, materials, staffing and technology upgrade is $630,945, based on contractor and technology estimates.  To date, Timothy has already successfully secured $265,000.00 towards this project from individual donors, both cash contributions and in-kind support. Timothy is currently seeking the balance of financial support from area churches, faith communities, foundations and corporations with an interest in advancing the school’s mission and services to the children of North Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia area. As such, Timothy Academy is respectfully requesting you to carefully support the “Hope and Future” Library and Computer Learning Center Campaign (or Scholarship Fund), which will directly benefit hundreds of at-risk children in North Philadelphia who lack current opportunities for high-quality literacy development and computer learning.


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