More ways to Give

More and more people are realizing their dream of making a significant gift for the cause of Christian education. How? By understanding that writing a check is not the only way to make a gift. At least 40% of all gifts are now made without the checkbook.


  • Bank Transfers: You can have money automatically withdrawn from your bank account and directed to Academia Timoteo . This method works particularly well if you make regular monthly contributions.
  • Matching Gifts: Many employers match gifts given by their employees. To find out more, contact the employee benefits office where you work.
  • Cash Gifts: Cash gifts represent the easiest way for you to financially support our mission.
  • Property Gifts: Gifts of tangible personal property such as equipment, books, and artwork are tax deductible to the extent of their full value, as long as the property is used for tax-exempt purposes. Real estate can also be donated to us if the proper steps are followed.
  • Securities: Gifts of long-term, appreciated securities (bonds, stocks and mutual funds) are easy to make and are frequently made by friends of Academia Timoteo. There are many advantages to this method of giving: contributors receive a full charitable deduction for the fair market value of the securities; they avoid capital gains taxes; and there is no commission for the sale or transfer! Academia Timoteo has a brokerage account for easy transfer.
  • Life Insurance: This offers an opportunity to give significantly towards the work of Christian education. The policy may be paid up, or it may be a whole life policy with significant cash value with payments that still need to be paid. Academia Timoteo can evaluate your policy to assist you with a decision. Perhaps you have a policy you wish to keep, but you would like to make Academia Timoteo the beneficiary of the policy. The cash value would still be available in the case of an emergency, but the proceeds would be distributed to Academia Timoteo upon your demise.
  • Real Estate: This is an exceptional opportunity to use a building, a vacation property or raw land to make a significant investment in Christian education. A taxable property that has appreciated in value can be given without incurring tax on the appreciation. Thus, the value of the gift may be substantially more than it would be if the property were first sold and the after-tax proceeds donated to Academia Timoteo.
  • Wills and Bequests: This is one way everyone can give to Academia Timoteo. You may bequeath a gift of any kind, percentage of an estate or amount, and make Academia Timoteo the beneficiary.


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