Scholarship Fund

Academia Timoteo has established a Scholarship Fund that will help to ensure that the neediest children in Philadelphia are provided equal access to a quality education. Academia Timoteo’s Scholarship Fund will assist low-income families who can't afford to pay full tuition, while also allowing Academia Timoteo to allocate a percentage of its revenue towards longer-term program and facility improvements. Among other objectives described herein, Academia Timoteo’s Scholarship Fund will support:

  • Promotion of teacher retention through salary increases and training opportunities.

  • Maintenance and infrastructure repair of Academia Timoteo’s facilities – a converted factory and a 19th-century school building.

  • Assuring safe transport of students, to and from school, through some of the city’s most violent neighborhoods.

  • Expanded student recruitment and curriculum development efforts.

Academia Timoteo’s projected Scholarship Fund budget, which comprises both ongoing school operating expenses and the additional goals for the school year outlined above, is $300,000.  As over 70% of Academia Timoteo’s revenue comes from private fees, Academia Timoteo is now seeking to develop a diverse funding base that is sustainable over the long term and that will support both high-quality education for lower-income children and teacher retention efforts.  As such, Academia Timoteo respectfully requests you to consider supporting its Scholarship Fund, which will directly benefit hundreds of North Philadelphia’s at-risk children who far too often lack opportunities for academic and spiritual growth.


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